Green irony


Somehow the preview of Kingship’s new “eco-friendly” yacht sounds like the copy writer’s tongue was planted firmly in cheek.

50m, 500-ton eco-yacht, meet 20m, 34-ton brontosaurus. The blue biped is a human, to scale.

Here’s a taste of  Green Voyager: “designed for the owner who seeks a low-impact vessel to cruise the globe; an owner who wants to cruise responsibly, but doesn’t want to compromise on luxury and comfort… the first yacht in the world under 164 feet (50 meters) built to Green Plus standards. She will be less than 500 gross tons.” Among the green features is a 16% improvement in propulsion efficiency and a zero-discharge sewage system.

Leaving one to suppose that non-eco-friendly yacht toilets dump straight into Davey Jones locker.

Kingship entered Green Yoyager in the Union Internationale Motonautique 2010 environmental awards. In its press release Kingship copywriters sound new depths of irony, stating that Green Voyager aligns with  “UIM’s desire for ‘positive and proven actions which lead to a smaller environmental footprint’.”